Sunday, October 8, 2017

Microchips in humans.

Three positive thing about microchips is tracking your kids if they go missing,medical personnel, easy access to medical info. Three different concerns could be, Messed during the surgeries, your kid has no freedom what so ever, the scar that it would make.

I think that the microchips in humans is ridiculous and so unnecessary. I think it could maybe useful if you're really that worried. I also think it is unsafe because all of your info is on 1 chip that the government could easily get access from. I think it should be illegal to do because the person who got the microchip were too young to have any say when they got it. I also think you should let your child have more freedom than having a chip in them so you know where they are at all times, i just think that people are we to protective and this is just another reason why, if you don't trust your kid to go outside with friends and you have to know where he is at all times he probably shouldn’t be out at all.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tech Spotlight

By Bobby Marrs
B Block White

“Smart” Thermometer

In my house we have a Nest smart thermometer, it is actually pretty cool you can set the temperature from your iPhone no matter how far away. It is a small little circle device that sits on the wall and tell you what the temperature is. The thermometer can sense when someone is near it and it turns on, say in the middle of the night when it is pitch black that lights up so anyone could see. It process the data by the either turning it left to right or from your iPhone you can set whatever temperature you want. It can also be set on a daily schedule, so when you're not home on a certain day you could turn it off to save money.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Washing your hands.

1. Turn water on
2. Use soap, get it all over your hands
3. Rinse under water
  • if you have something to try of use that
4. Shake your hands to dry

5. Turn water off